Alyssa Hall

Alyssa Hall is the perfect combination - She's beautiful with stunning breasts and an ability to deep throat any cock, no matter what the size. Of course, Alyssa Hall is on Amateur Allure - which means this is just the start of her oral talents! Not only can Alyssa Hall with her long dark hair deep throat cock but she always enjoys swallowing down anything a cock spits out when it's buried deep in her throat!

That's right - Alyssa Hall is a cum guzziling slut just like all of the rest of them! And it's such a treat watching her suck cock!

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Alyssa Hall licks nut sack

You can tell how much a chick loves giving head by the amount of effort they put into it. If they lick and suck on your balls while giving you a blow job, that means they are totally into it! And Alyssa Hal has no issues doing this!

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Alyssa Hall licking the tip of a cock

Alyssa Hal isn't afraid of the cock, that's for sure! She grabs it with her hand and licks it up and down, making sure to cover every last inch of it - including the top! She loves licking the top of a cock!


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Alyssa Hall cum swallows

All chicks like to cum swallow - those who don't just haven't been taught how to swallow down jizz yet! Alyssa Hal has it down - and she loves eating cum!

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Alyssa Hall licking cock

She licks it up, licks it down, and then swallows it whole! Alyssa Hal really knows how to handle a cock! It's always sexy when chicks grab your cock and lick it up and down while gently stroking you off at the same time!

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Alyssa Hall Loves Cum Swallowing

All chicks look hot with a load of jizz in their mouth... And Alyssa Hall loves the way it feels when a warm load of jizz is in her mouth!

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Alyssa Hall sucks on cock

All women know how to give head, but some just do it better than others! Alyssa Hal... Does it better than most! That's why this hot cock sucking cum swallowing hottie is on the Amateur Allure website!

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